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Sculpture Credit:
Tea for Two
by Ann LaRose

bodymargin Family


Green Apples
by Herb Mignery

Ed Doty came from a family of California apple farmers and, as his wife Joyce recalls, "Sculptor Herb Mignery's Green Apples brought back memories of apple orchards and small boys. We wanted to create a setting that was reminiscent of the apple orchards Ed remembers. In California, the pastures fill with lupine and poppies in the spring, but since we cannot grow those here in Hawai'i, we substituted lilies and gingers."
Na ‘Āina Kai’s version of the apple is represented by a Mountain Apple tree, which bears a shiny red, pear-shaped fruit.

by Ann LaRose

This serene sculpture by Ann LaRose, a bronze of three generations reading an illustrated book, was the ideal choice for the grassy mound fronting the swimming pool at Na ‘Āina Kai. "For the first week or so after we had installed it," said Mrs. Doty, "we did a double take each time we went in that area, thinking there were people who had sneaked in during the night. Ed and I like to place sculptures where they surprise you when you come upon them."

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