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Sculpture Credit:
Tea for Two
by Ann LaRose

bodymargin Wildlife


Silent Pause
by P.J. LaBarge

Poised for action with feline intensity, this life-size puma was just what Joyce Doty envisioned to inhabit the Desert Garden. "We needed an inhabitant as unexpected as the desert itself," she recalled. Silent Pause prepares to pounce on Can't Catch Me, a nearby jackrabbit sculpture also created by P. J. LaBarge of California.

silent pause


Journey's End
by Kent Ullberg

These bronze Ridley sea turtles depict a type of turtle (or “honu” in Hawaiian) that inhabits the waters around the Hawaiian islands. Sea turtles begin their life journey on a remote tropical beach, and after wandering the world’s oceans for 25 or more years, return upon maturity to the beach of their birth to mate and lay eggs. This bronzed pair has at long last found its way to Na ‘Āina Kai’s shore.

The Journey
by Jeff Oens

The cattail pond at Na ‘Āina Kai is the perfect place for our nene’s to take off for faraway places.

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