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Sculpture Credit:
by George Lundeen

bodymargin Wild Forest and Plantation Venues


A cool canopy, hills and valleys, brooks and springs, and a bounty of woodland flora and fauna make the Wild Forest the most diverse venue within Na ‘Āina Kai. Pulsating with life, and enveloped with earthy fragrances, this rich woodland teems with surprises around every bend, alongside every stream, and underfoot every step of the way.

Few weddings take place in an area as richly endowed as the Wild Forest at Na ‘Āina Kai. This cool, tropical canopy with its verdant ambiance, foretells a storybook life for the bride and groom. For a truly unique wedding venue, consider exchanging vows among the lovely hardwood trees that inhabit 110 acres of Na ‘Āina Kai. Our plantation boasts 26 species of hardwood trees including teak, mahogany, rosewood and zebrawood, just to name a few.

      Photo courtesy of Red Heart Photo

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